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RanchHand Software

Powerful Beef Cattle Management Software

RanchHand allows you to use the data that you are already collecting on your truck dashboard. All those feed tags, sale barn cut cards, and the old yellow tablet can be consolidated using as much or as little data as you choose to help you make good solid management decisions for your herd.


True Standalone Program

RanchHand is a true standalone program. We want your data to be accessible to you regardless of your Internet connection.


Powerful Custom Reports

RanchHand provides the most powerful Reporting Engine in the livestock industry. Building personalized reports that can access any data in the program will prove profitable to your operation.


Over 100 Data Fields Per Animal

RanchHand allows you to track a substantial amount of data for Breedings, Health Treatments, Pregnancy Checks, Measurements, EPDs, Purchases, and Sales.


Extensive Custom Fields

RanchHand offers extensive Custom Fields to be added to every aspect of the program. Custom Fields can be defined for Animal or Animal Type (i.e. Cow only). Custom Fields can also be defined for any event such as Breedings, Health Treatments, Sales, Measurements, etc.

Why RanchHand?

Ranch Hand is the Most Powerful and Comprehensive Program

With over 100 data fields per Animal plus unlimited Custom Fields combined with a Powerful Reporting Engine make RanchHand the most powerful Beef Cattle Management Program available.

Our customers work hard every single day to maintain and improve their Ranch. We follow that same work ethic along with closely listening to ensure our program addresses and exceeds their current and future needs. We release valuable updates a minimum of four times a year.

We have a slew of options to help personalize RanchHand for your data and reporting needs. Additionally, there are many options to control the look and operation of the program such as adjustable font sizes to better match your preferences.

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